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works _ MPC _ trap sensing system


category : MPC , R&D date : 2021

TRAP SENSING SYSTEM is a new system which enables us to sense a trap in off- grid forests. For electricity of the sensor and data communication, it uses MPC CELL using solid of the location at which the trap is set. MPC CELL is a new power source which is environmentally friendly and unaffected by weather and timeframe. Its repeater also uses MPC CELL, which makes it possible to communicate at off-grid areas.

Installing the sensor at a trap enables hunters to receive trapping information directly. Conventionally hunters have checked all of the traps set in mountains with their eyes but the sensor makes it possible to ease the physical burden of checking traps and to avoid the danger of encountering vermin around the trap as well.

Traps are set in the realm of vermin’s activities. As you constantly monitor the operating conditions of all traps, you acquire the vermin’s activities data and the environmental data of trap-set locations.

  • Acquisition of forest environmental information
  • Establishing a database of locations infested with vermin
  • Easing hunters’ workload
  • Avoiding the danger of encountering vermin
  • Shortening vermin’s binding time

*prototype experiment in Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki