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STARRY NIGHT -ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Ⅰ-

category : MPC , Events date : 2021

We held “ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Part Ⅰ – STARRY NIGHT” on March 26th & 27th. Thank you for attending. These are some pictures of the event.

Opening of the Public Experiment

There were many participants.

Trap Sensing System for Vermin

A sensor that notifies you that a wild boar get caught in the trap. We have been doing demonstration experiment with the support of a hunting club in Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki.

Human Detecting Sensing

assuming detection of entering into a shrine. sensing system power completely without fire, electric source and battery

“Kukuri” Trap for Vermin

introduction of “Kukuri” trap. We have been conducting demonstration experiment using trap sensing system.

Remote Sensing

patrol data collecting system by a sensor node using a drone and pulse knocking technology

Filed Sensing

introduction of a filed sensing node without power source

DC 100V Experiment

DC 100V output experiment by the multi-phase composition of collector units. We recorded 147V.

Starry Night

lighting by MPC

Produced : tripod design

Date : March 26th (Fri.) & 27th (Sat.), 2021

Place : Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki