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  • Conducted Technology Exchange and New Year Greeting Party

    news_event Technology Exchange and New Year Greeting Party for Companies category : event, MPC date : 2023 Thank you for your anticipation in CES 2023. We had more anticipants than expected, who got a lot of interests in MPC.On Thursday, January 19th, we had a debriefing session of the exhibition at CES2023, and a party for… Read…


  • Held International Symposium “SPECULATIVE DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY”

    International Symposium SPECULATIVE DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY October 11th, 2022 We held an international symposium “SPECULATIVE DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY” at Palace Hotel Tokyo from 1:00p.m. on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022. Speculative Design aims to put new ideas for the future into design and technology, and develop consciousness of expanding your thoughts by giving insight into how… Read…


  • Held ミライノデンキ Public Experiment “SPECTRUM” on Jul. 29th & 30th, 2022

    works _ Events _ SPECTRUM SPECTRUM -ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Ⅲ- category : MPC , Events date : 2022 We held “ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Part Ⅲ – SPECTRUM” at Kanasa, Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki. We performed a field experiment using MPC, a lightning experiment at “KU-AN” and showed a construction site of OFF-GRID DESIGN LAB. Thank you for attending. These… Read…


  • Held international symposium “RETURN TO NATURE”

    RETURN TO NATURE International Symposium April 26th, 2022 We held an international symposium, titled “RETURN TO NATURE 自然回帰による進化を目指して“, at Palace Hotel Tokyo from 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26th. We held a exhibition of the latest technology, the applied technology and the cutting edge research of MPC. Also we got video speeches, based on the theme “RETURN TO NATURE 自然回帰からの発想“, from… Read…


  • Held International Symposium “OFF THE GRID” on Dec. 22nd, 2021

    OFF THE GRID international symposium + FBL business briefing December 22nd, 2021 We held an international symposium “OFF THE GRID” and an information session of FBL (FUTURE BRAIN LAB) at Palace Hotel Tokyo on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021. We had video speeches by experts of the cutting edge design and technology from oversea and conducted… Read…