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SWIMMY NIGHT -ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Ⅱ-

category : MPC , Events date : 2021

We held “ミライノデンキ Public Experiment Part Ⅱ – SWIMMY NIGHT” on October 8th & 9th, which was postponed due to the state of emergency. 

Thank you for attending.

These are some pictures of the event.

introduction of continuous experiment recording of buried MPC
introduction of a prototype model of water collector
lecture and talk session about OFF-GRID Design & Technology
lighting “KU-AN” by MPC
Droop -MPC environmental light products

Produced : tripod design

Date : October 8th (Fri.) & 9th (Sat.), 2021

Place : Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki