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Manual for Universal Design

category : Universal Design date : 2005


Creators have not correctly understood that a market is an aggregation of each user yet. UD, Universal Design, changes awareness of industry society from a product-centric idea to a user-centric idea. Introducing UD, creators reencounter users face to face and design get the original value again.

This book explains concrete ways to apply PPP (Product Performance Program), an original method for evaluating UD, which is introduced in Textbook of Universal Design, to a design or product planning, while providing actual examples of products the author produced.


・Designing awareness

・The situation of UD

・Part1~10 UD practice Part1-10

・PPP (Product Performance Program)

title:Manual for Universal Design
supervisor:Satoshi Nakagawa
editor:Nikkei Design
publisher:Noriyuki Nakai
publication:Nikkei Business Publication, Inc.
release:Nikkei BP Publication Center
printing & bookbinding:Tosho Printing Company, Limited
the first printing date of the first edition:March 28th, 2005