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AGE OF SUPER SENSING – The Future of Sensing Design

category : Super Sensing Design date : 2017


The first presentation of “Super Sensing Theory”, which combines data measured by a sensor and analyzes it to lead to service development for humans.

It can be said that “Sensing Design” is not merely thinking about sensors but thinking about the whole system, composed of the environment, sensors, and humans, and constructing the better relationship among them. This book defines the expansion of our five senses as sensing and assumes that more expansion of senses might happen with the spread of developing sensor technology and AI processing. About the idea and process of the design, it also sorts out and explains the current situation of industry and technology from a wider perspective. For readers to read it easily, the book eliminates technical terms as long as possible and contains examples around us. Please pay attention to the ability of the new technological innovation of sensors and understand the purposes of the technology through this book.

title:AGE OF SUPER SENSING – The Future of Sensing Design
published date:March 6th, 2017
supervisor:Satoshi Nakagawa
publisher:Youske Motchizuki
publication:Nikkei Business Publication, Inc.
release:Nikkei BP Marketing, Inc.
printing & bookbinding:Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
the first printing date of the first edition:February 27th, 2017