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SYNESTHESIA -Classic Concert-

category : MPC , Events date : 2021

We held a classic concert “SYNESTHESIA – 五感を深める調べ -” at OFF-GRID TEST SITE “KU-AN” in Kanasa, Hitatichiota-city, Ibaraki on Saturday, November 27th, 2021

We invited guests from companies interested in MPC ,and held the concert at OFF-GRID SITE “KU-AN” as a MPC demonstration experiment filed.

The theme “SYNESTHESIA” means our synesthesia. The performance by Ms. Risako Hayakawa and Ms. Yumika Miyazaki, inspired from two scents, consisted the music by flute and harp.

We planed this performance as a new music attempt to stimulate the linkage of our five senses and the sense of memory. For this concert, Mr. Kyohei Takahashi, an owner-chef of MANSALVA, offered coffee and Yule logs, inspired by the two scents.

Produced : tripod design

Harp : Risako Hayakawa

Flute:Yumika Miyazaki

Talk Session Guest:Rina Ito

Date : Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Place : Hitachiota-city, Ibaraki