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Design that integrates sensor technology with the five human senses


私たちは五感を駆使して日々の生活を営んでいます。一方で高度の発達したクラウド社会とその感性領域を担うセンサ・テクノロジーは急速に発達し,私たちの目に映らない領域で私たちの暮らしの情報基盤を支えていると言えます。2010年、tripod design の主宰者である中川聰は現代のセンサ・テクノロジーの急速な進化と私たち人間が古くから有する感覚器官と脳における解釈のメカニズムに注目して、全く新しい視座からのデザインメソッドの開発に着手し始めました。SUPER SENSINGは今まで私たちが有して来た感覚器官の対象と領域を大きく変化させる考え方です。スーパーセンシングの考え方においては先端のセンサ技術が私たちの感覚の領域や記憶等指向領域までを拡張して行くという考え方に立脚しています。私たち人類以外の生命体の有する感覚や思考,記憶や予測のメカニズムが様ざまな生命体の脳の生態解明とともに進んで行く時、私たちのデザインと言う行為にすら新しい科学のメスが入る可能性があります。
tripod design では世界に先行して様ざまな産業に於けるセンシングのデザインとテクノロジーの有用性と可能性に着目し、新たなセンシング・デザインという産業価値創造に向けた実践的な開発と研究を行っています。

Our five senses enable us to manage the tasks of day-to-day living. Meanwhile, sensor technology, which manages the advanced “cloud society” and its sensory domain, is developing rapidly, supporting our everyday lives with a base of knowledge beyond what our unaided eyes can reveal to us. In 2010 Satoshi Nakagawa began remarking on today’s rapid progress in sensor technology and the mechanisms by which stimuli are interpreted in the sensory organs and brain with which we have always been equipped. As a result of these inquiries, Nakagawa embarked on the development of a design method informed by a radically new outlook.
Super Sensing is an approach that dramatically changes the domains in which our sensory organs operate and the objects on which they focus. In the Super-Sensing paradigm, advanced sensor technologies expand the realms into which our senses can reach and the fields in which they record. Our design activities evolve along with scientific research into the senses of living things other than humans, and the mechanisms by which the brains of other creatures’ sense, think, record and predict. As they do so, we expect to discover new scientific tools with which to pursue our design inquiries.
We, tripod design are the first to focus on the usefulness and possibilities of sensing design and technologies in a wide range of industries. In so doing we are working to develop practical solutions that create value for industry in the form of new sensing designs.