2021 年、超小集電技術の社会実装を目指したオフグリッドデザインとテクノロジーの実験棟 KU-AN を建造開設し、超小集電技術による新たな環境エネルギー領域の可能性開拓にあたっています。KU-AN -空庵- は集電セルの開発や、チャージコントローラシステムの開発など、オフグリッドにおける長時間の安定した生活電力を供給できるテクノロジー開発に寄与できる研究を実践する OFF-GRID TEST SITE です。

KU-ANでは、独自技術の「MICROPOWER COLLECTION」(MPC)を導入しています。食品堆肥や土を使用した1500個の木製MPCセルにより、室内に設置された800個の12ボルトLED照明に電力を供給します。

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Project Description

KU-AN is a research facility that incorporates “MICROPOWER COLLECTION” (MPC), a proprietary energy harvesting technology, to power 800 12-volt LED lights installed in the room through the electricity obtained from a wide range of natural media like food compost and soil.

Designed based on the image of “a floating space, full of light,” KU-AN is a wooden building with a structure incorporating cypress in a grid pattern. The outer wall is entirely covered in glass, and mirrors are installed where that wall contacts the floor so that this light-emitting space appears to be floating in the air. KU-AN is able to continuously collect 2 watts of DC electricity from its 1,500 wooden collector cells.

When lit, the LED lights reflect in the glass, so that the view from inside the room appears like the infinite expanse of a starry sky.

Through Micropower Collection, power is available in a disaster or in an off-the-grid environment regardless of the weather or the time of day. In this way, it KU-AN can serve as a local shelter or function as a charging station for mobile phones in the event of a disaster.